The job market by hiring professionals and reference sources

The Job News is responsible for the development, maintenance, and delivery of all job news content. This includes all job search related materials (e.g., resume, cover letter) as well as targeted job search campaigns.


  1. Develop and maintain an extensive knowledge base on the job market by hiring professionals and reference sources
  2. Produce a wide variety of content to bring perspective to the readers
  3. Work with editors and writers to develop a balanced portfolio of strategic insight into jobs, careers, and new hires across multiple industries and regions in order to influence reader decision making.
  4. Requirements:
  5. For this position a candidate should have 10 years relevant experience in a similar role within the media industry (broadcast, print).
  6. You will be expected to complete your degree within 6 months.—The news Reporters are responsible for delivering and maintaining an audience of journalists and consumers. The role is a mix of traditional media (print, radio and television) as well as content creation and distribution. They are also responsible for creating, developing and maintaining a content-rich digital presence.Responsibilities:
    1. Develop the news brand, including writing, interviewing and photo-shoots
    2. Produce a daily news show schedule for local, national and international outlets
    3. Structure wider coverage using the News Hub mobile app (Android, iOS)
    4. Produce high quality original content throughout the year with an emphasis on science, technology, medicine or business stories
    5. Assist with weekly blog posts in addition to regular editorial writing
    6. Engage with influencers in the field who they feel will be of benefit to their publication in order to help propel them to fame and influence industry trends across social media platforms
    7. Conduct more than 1 traditional interview per—The role of the Job News is to deliver to the press, analysts, and the public white papers about national and international news.This could be anything from a 2-page press release or a 30-second video. The job news delivers these to media outlets in a timely manner for reporting on current events.
    1. Job News communicates on any topic that is pertinent to the company, including industry news, product launches and sales, and market trends or upcoming events. This requires strong communication skills and knowledge of news organizations and their readership, as well as a good understanding of digital markets.
    2. Job News is also responsible for breaking news stories related to US companies.
    3. Job News often work with the business operations team to analyze trending topics related to company operations and markets in order to identify important trends for companies around the globe.—We’re looking for a innovative and creative news writer who has drive, passion and an ability to create maximum impact from any subject. We are seeking someone who can build inspiring stories with a strong sense of integrity, respect for people, health and the environment.Responsibilities:
    1. Write compelling stories about current events with the power to touch your readers’ lives and change the conversation around them
    2. Create clear headlines in a timely manner that get people talking, sharing and sharing again
    3. Develop accurate statistics on topics relevant to each story
    4. Understand the historical context of recent societal or political events so that they are interpreted correctly to avoid sensationalism or misrepresentation
    5. Have extensive knowledge of social media trends and developments in technology, media coverage and culture; not just our industry but worldwide news trends
    6. Think strategically about how to position each story in order to maximize click through rates, engagement rates, social shares or other metrics
    7. Review stories against our high standards of editorial integrity

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